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Womenful Voice is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women to advocate and address the most critical needs of vulnerable girls and women through policies, education, and health to achieve long-term positive outcomes.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plays a vital role in Womenful Voice achieving its goals in their governance, policy and strategy approval, and fundraising activities. Directors are expected to actively contribute their leadership, financial resources, time, and talents to meeting the organization's objectives. The Board actively seeks qualified Directors who meet the highest personal and professional standards and reflect the diversity of our worldwide community in terms of gender, ethnicity, and profession. New Directors are elected for an initial three-year term and then become eligible for reelection to a second three-year term, subject to review. The review is based on approved Board expectations, strategic objectives, and the director's continuation in meeting the organization's goal. There is a two-term limit.


Fundraising and Financial Participation

  • A minimum personal giving threshold ($1k annual minimum; ability to give more); Womenful Voice is among the top priorities in personal giving.

  • Active participation in fundraising, working with staff to target new significant gifts ($10k+ from individuals, corporations, and foundations), serving as a champion within own organization (where applicable) and recommending funding sources to the CEO.

  • Be prepared to pay all personal expenses related to attendance at meetings and events (transportation, meals, lodging, etc.) since Womenful Voice does not pay a spend or subsidy for board members’ expenses.

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Womenful Voice

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