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Accelerated Mentorship Program (AMP)

Help a student AMP up their future
A woman with a career can break the cycle of poverty. Womenful Voice invites professional women to tap into their existing knowledge, skills, and experience to empower a Haitian girl to improve her quality of life by helping her prepare for her future career. 

The Accelerated Mentorship Program provides a structured approach for young girls who will benefit from your knowledge, confidence, and support to succeed in their career. During this virtual 8-week program, you will work with a student and teach her how to turn what she loves into what she can do for a living.

One-hour weekly virtual sessions for a total of 8 weeks
Help a student to develop an action plan and learn the professional development skills that will help her in her career
Uplift a girl by giving her the tools to succeed as a woman in leadership
Promote positive social impact by helping a student build skills she can use to improve her quality of life 
The Accelerated Mentorship Program:

Provides an exciting real-world workplace forum that offers an informative and impactful view into life as a career-seeking woman.

Online Conference

Encourages mentors to share their professional knowledge and experience through virtual one-hour weekly sessions over the course of eight weeks to develop basic skills for a successful career.

Young Female Student

Allows mentors a chance to give back.

Inspire girls to dream bigger as she plans for the future.

Become a mentor. Email Your Resume

Contact our Program Staff with any questions, comments, or suggestions at: 

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