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The Womenful Voice Menstruation Is Power Program

The Menstruation is Power program is an annual month-long program designed to educate women and girls about menstruation, health, and bodily autonomy. With sustainable menstrual products, a better understanding of their bodies, and the dispelling of myths about menstruation, we help women and girls to take ownership of their bodies, change the narrative, end period poverty, and make their own choices regarding their health, education, and futures.

The program helps women by educating them about the menstrual cycle and its importance in the life of a female to create a world where they are not limited by menstruation, keeping girls in school during their menstrual cycle. It also promotes the importance of sustainable menstrual products for safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives for menstrual flow management by distributing sustainable and/or reusable menstrual products to women and girls.

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