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The Womenful Voice Mentorship Program

A woman with a career can break the cycle of poverty. Womenful Voice invites professional women to tap into their existing knowledge, skills, and experience to empower a Haitian girl to improve her quality of life by helping her prepare for her future career. The Womenful Voice Mentorship Program provides a structured approach for young girls who will benefit from knowledge, confidence, and support that a mentor can provide in order to succeed in their career. During the virtual 8-week program, mentors work with a student and teach them how to turn what she loves into what she can do for a living.

The program helps students develop an action plan and learn the professional development skills that will help them in their career
Uplifts girl by giving them the tools to succeed as a woman in a leadership role
Promotes positive social impact by helping students build skills they can use to improve their quality of life

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