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The Womenful Voice Reforestation Program

Over the last few years, the women of Haiti have experienced extreme hardship due to climate related catastrophes, political instability, and gang violence. As a result, they are experiencing severe food insecurity with expected long-term famine at their doorstep. With port closures, food is not being imported and the country is expected to face severe food insecurity since more than half of the food consumed in Haiti is imported.

The Reforestation Program is helping the women of Haiti to combat long-term famine. Womenful Voice, in partnership with the Botanic Gardens of Ouanaminthe, is helping women with access to land giving them the knowledge, tools, and resources to replant and harvest from various seedlings, plants, and trees, providing short, medium, and long term yields. The program uses an innovative farming approach to regenerative agriculture. It allows farmers to create dynamic, successional, and economically viable ecosystems that restore soil fertility. Our program features a 3-day hands-on, educational workshop that teaches participants about regenerative farming techniques as well as the nutritional value associated with each plant. After the workshop, participants receive plant management assistance and support to ensure positive long-term results.

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