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Our team is dedicated to creating meaningful impacts to move toward a just world.

It all started after the tragic loss of a dear friend, Esther Nakajjigo (Essie), and our team was inspired to create Womenful Voice. Womenful Voice is proud of its team. The team focuses on the organization’s mission to change Haitian women’s lives by empowering them.

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Brooke Jarchow

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Senska Madgscherly Jean

Our CEO was born and raised in Haiti. She said that growing up in Haiti as a girl, she witnessed and experienced many things that she found unfair. Senska finds Haitian culture very patriarchal; women are perceived as liars, sexual objects, and forced into strict gender roles.

Senska decided to open this organization after losing her best friend, who inspired her to speak up for women who don’t have a voice. Senska’s dream is to see every Haitian woman independent, empowered, loved, and respected; she believes her culture has a long way to go, but she is willing to take the road with them.

"I do not want these women to feel like they have no hope, stuck in a place where they don’t want to be; life is not fair, but we can provide a New better option to them."

Elizabeth Muthoni Nderitu

Our COO is a Kenyan who is very passionate about community development. She co-founded Womenful Voice to contribute to making the world a better place for vulnerable women and girls by advocating their needs through access to education, health, and inclusivity.  In the past years, she has acquired knowledge and skills through innovative educational approaches and work experience. This has prepared her to contribute competently towards economic development and construct a prosperous and just society. She is a MasterCard Foundation scholar who holds a Master of Science in Community Development and Extension and a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Science. She is well experienced in research and writing. She is well versed in English, Spanish, Swahili, and Kikuyu. Elizabeth is empowered and uses her positive attitude and energy to encourage others to work towards making the world a better place.

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Michaella Xavier

Our In-Country Coordinator

I was born in Jeremie and raised in the southern Haitian city of Les Cayes; my full name is Michaella Xavier. Like many Haitian girls, I was frustrated by Haitian society's chauvinist, sexist, patriarchal, and machismo culture, especially in the professional sector. As a young Haitian professional woman living in Haiti, I have learned how to be my own advocate, defend my intelligence, courage, and navigate this chaotic world. In my role as the Project Coordinator for Womenful Voice, my objective and goal are to ensure that the next generation of successful female professionals understands that they have the power to accomplish everything they set their minds to. I am a woman of color who is proud to be a part of a group of women breaking down the boundaries that hinder us from embracing our greatness and femininity and changing the narrative for other young women and girls.


Gunjan Bagai

Our Marketing Manager

Hobbies: I love to travel. Planning holidays, going on vacations, and witnessing the world's varied cultures are a few things that excite me the most. I love to read, write, and binge-watch my favorite series when not traveling.

Passion: Learning is one of my biggest passions. Anything big or small, I aim at adding one new thing to my learning bucket every other day.

The reason I chose Womenful Voice: Since I was a child, I have had the urge to bring out the potential within each woman and girl. Through Womenful Voice and its work for the upliftment of Haitian women, I seek to contribute to the cause and make a difference.

My vision for Womenful Voice:  I envision Womenful Voice to be a changemaker for women in Haiti and women across the globe. I hope our work helps women worldwide realize their dreams and follow their passion.

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Joyce Wacera Mwangi

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Our People Manager

​Hobbies: Watching documentaries, reading, and jogging.

The reason I chose Womenful Voice: I chose Womenful Voice because of the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women and girls living in Haiti. To advocate for their rights, to ensure they recognize their value in the society, their right to voice their opinion, their right to education, fairness, and financial independence.

Working and supporting Womenful Voice has given me the opportunity to apply my skills and competencies to support this great cause. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with people from diverse backgrounds. This has been quite an enriching experience; I am learning and developing new skills every day.

My vision For Womenful Voice: My hope and dream for Womenful Voice is for the organization to grow and be recognized internationally. I want people to read about the impact the organization is making in the community. Most of all, I want the organization to get the funding and support it needs to achieve their goals of advocating and addressing the issues that plague girls and women.

Xiang-Ying (Janet) Zeng


Our Accountant

Hobbies: Traveling, mountain climbing, singing.

Passion: Learn and try new things, and never give up. Help those in need by being compassionate.

The reason why I chose Womenful Voice: As a woman, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a non-discriminatory environment. For the sake of future generations, I have a moral obligation to speak out for the rights of those women who are unable to speak out for themselves.

My vision for Womenful Voice: Women in Haiti should be afforded equal protection under the law. On top of all this, I would like to think we can raise awareness about the importance of empowering more women worldwide, not just in Haiti.


Our Organizational Strategist

Hobbies:I enjoy spending time with family and my loved ones, traveling, reading, and learning new things.

Passion: To combine my skills and gifts with others to bring about an equitable and just society filled with peace and love for one another, starting with our younger generations because they are our future leaders and global citizens. 

The reason I chose Womenful Voice:I chose Womenful Voice because of its commitment to women and girls, and the global volunteer team working towards achieving Womenful Voice’s mission. It’s my desire to contribute to the team's work in a meaningful and impactful way.

My vision For Womenful Voice: It is my hope and dream that Womenful Voice’s efforts will have a butterfly effect and increase the empowerment of vulnerable girls and women throughout Haiti and other areas.

Angela Bryant


Our Agricultural Project Coordinator

Hobbies: Reading, music,movies, soccer, humanitarians activities and Cultural.

Passion:  My family, agriculture,new technologies.

The reason why I chose Womenful Voice: I choose Womenful Voice because is a non-profit organization that fights for the emancipation of Young Girls and Women. As we know how they treat them around the World.

My vision for Womenful Voice: My dream for Womenful Voice is to see the fruit of my knowledge and support grown into the vision of Womenful Voice.

 Saintilma Marken


Johanam Levi Abdalla

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Our Blog Writer

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, listening to stories, playing the piano, doing calisthenics, and telling stories by writing. I enjoy learning new things, taking on new challenges, and giving back to the community as much as possible in my free time. Entrepreneurship is a great way to combine my interests in business, technology, and creativity into a daily smoothie.

Senska's goal is reflected in Womenful Voice, which I fully endorse.

The reason why I chose Womenful Voice: Guatemalan men and women are vastly different, and it gets even worse for women if you travel to the country's less developed regions. I have learned that the best way to improve society and the quality of life for everyone is to start small projects and work on them one at a time with a big goal in mind. This way, people's mindsets are changed, communities are empowered, and the world becomes better.

My vision for Womenful Voice: Womenful Voice's ultimate goal is to make the issue of gender inequality in our countries, such as Haiti, Guatemala, and other Latin American countries, more visible to the general public. So that they can support and participate in the solutions in projects that empower women. Through this, change the mindset of girls in Haiti and their communities/world. I see a Womenful Voice in different countries, like Guatemala, my country, supporting and helping women worldwide.


Jennifer Lee DeMarco

Our Project Manager

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures and themes.

Passion: Promoting Self-Sufficiency and Seeing Others Succeed

The reason why I chose Womenful Voice: To be a part of an organization that empowers and advocates for women and young girls, I picked Womenful Voice. I hope to help the organization expand with my gift. The work that has been done and will be done by this organization will result in much-needed change.

My vision for Womenful Voice: For women and young girls worldwide, I hope the organization can help them achieve their dreams. We offer programs that will have a long-term effect on the lives of our members.

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Subrata Banerjee


Our Detail manager

Hobbies: Subrata has a flair for creative writing, photography, painting, traveling, and learning from different cultures and is a connoisseur of western classical music, film, theatre, ancient history, and culture.

Passion:  Passionate learner and an active agent of change to break the vicious cycle of poverty and exploitation, illiteracy and ill-health, gender-based discrimination and inequality, and a staunch advocate for women empowerment to ensure human freedoms and entitlements, equity and social justice.

The reason why I chose Womenful Voice: The mission of Womenful Voice is identical to Subrata, and he firmly believes that no society could prosper without the active participation of women in the decision-making process of development, rather good investment in girls' education, gainful employment, wellbeing, and social safeguarding, political and legal empowerment are critical factors for inclusive growth.

My vision for Womenful Voice: Womenful Voice has the potential to bring an impactful change in society through necessary support to the cause of girls and women, to raise their powerful voices who are being systematically subjected to grinding poverty, exploitation, social prejudice, and to address the issues we need to bring in a change in systems and structures, cultural barriers and practice that have paramount importance to champion the goals of human development.


Our Grant Manager

Hobbies: Spending time with family, reading, traveling, enjoying the outdoors (only in warm weather) 

Passion:  Public Health

The reason why I chose Womenful Voice: TI chose Womenful Voice because as soon as I talked with Senska about the volunteer grant writer opportunity, I knew that this organization was doing something special for the lives of women in Haiti. I had to be a part of it.

My vision for Womenful Voice: : My dream for Womenful Voice would be to grow this organization enough that we can expand into other countries.

Brooke Jarchow