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Our Work


Womenful Voice works with girls and women by empowering and providing them the tools to become stronger and more confident, especially being autonomous, self-determined, and vocal.

Our Projects

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A Christmas Experience

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This project aims to give a happy Christmas experience to the community of Ouanminthe through gift and family activities and promote the coming activities of Womenful Voice.

On Thursday, December 23rd 2021, Womenful Voice wants to give a Christmas experience to every woman and child who is living in Ouanaminthe*. Their participation in the games will result in extra gifts; all games will be related to Women's Empowerment.

A nice plate of meal will be provided and each kid will receive a gift. The Christmas event will promote family activities and create great memories for those children.

*Kids that have been displaced from the earthquake will be prioritized.

Join hands with us by donating money or an item in the registry

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Coaching Sessions:

Girls for Girls

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The Coaching session for girls in Ouanaminthe will empower 30 Haitian girls between the age of 14 and 20. The coaching session will be a three days program providing a formal environment to recognize the current women’s situation in Haiti and the world and simultaneously discover their individual potential. 

The young girls will enjoy interactive activities and be educated about gender equality; female role models, especially successful Haitian women, will teach them about women’s empowerment importance and recognize their own individual potential. 

Consequently, coaching sessions will upskill them about the following areas:

  • Seek out strong female role models

  • Haitian female power

  • Gender equality

  • Model self-acceptance

  • Adventurous and curious

  • Sex (not the act), oriented to her decision

  • Being a Womenful Voice

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Coaching sessions

The Mentorship Program aims to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of high-performing women to empower 15 Haitian girls between the ages of 15 and 22. The mentor will guide the mentee to build their action plan for the achievement of their career goal. The mentor can be from any nationality and will be assigned to a Haitian girl depending on the language the mentee wants to practice. The mentors will help the mentees have a connection with the real professional world so that they can decide the career path that she wants to take.

They can develop a relationship where the mentor can advise on personal life issues that can affect the mentee’s career. The mentor will provide knowledge, confidence, and networks to succeed career-wise.

This program provides a structured approach for young girls who many at times need additional support to be empowered towards transformative leadership.

Mentorship Program
Enterprise Group

Enterprise Group:
Women For Women

The Enterprise Group for women in Ouanaminthe will empower 20 unemployed Haitian women between the age of 25 and 45 by providing training on entrepreneurship and finances and giving them the seed capital to start a productive unit. The participants will be upskilled in financial statements applied to personal and entrepreneurship contexts, entrepreneurship, and some hands-on skills. Once the participants complete the capacitation, they will organize themselves in one of four productive units.

The group will be a business, a productive unit. Womenful Voice will make an initial investment in each production unit. That money will allow them to    procure the raw material to start and/or the required equipment, to pay for labor from the organized women who completed the training, and some other initial costs to sell the product. 

This project will be assigned a coordinator who will monitor each productive unit. Each productive unit will meet with the project coordinator once a week during the first three months, thrice per month during the next three months, and twice per month during the following months. After four years, the productive unit needs to start paying back the total amount (capital seed including inflation).

Mobile Clinic:

Health For Women


This project looks to provide free health services to women who do not have access to and live in remote areas of Northern Haiti through a mobile clinic.  

This project will consist of a team of health professionals transporting essential medical equipment to selected areas, carrying out some basic tests, and providing medication. The team will be composed of a lead doctor, nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, and a staff member. The team will attend to the patients, and in case of illnesses they cannot handle, they will refer the patients to a hospital or specialist to be covered by the patient.

Women will receive free medical care while men will be charged a subsidized fee. This fee will partially cover the cost of services offered to women and ensure the sustainability of the project. 

The Mobile Clinic will partner with a local hospital where the equipment can be kept and sterilized safely. Besides that, Womenful Voice will increase the health professionals’ team size by establishing relationships with volunteers to bring essential services for women's health in remote areas.

Mobile Clinic

Accelerated Mentorship Program:

Help a student forge their path towards success


Inspire young girls to:

  • Become leaders

  • Maintain an active interest in academic pursuits

  • Break stereotypes and standards

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