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Womenful Voice is proud of its team, who are all volunteers and work every day to make this possible. Our Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Senska Madgscherly Jean, Our Chief Operation Officer, Elizabeth Muthoni Nderitu, and Chief Project Officer, Laura Alejandra Fuentes Arevalo. Please here are their own answers about Why Womenful Voice.

Senska: As a young girl, I never liked the way I was treated and the name-calling, but I believed in my strength and my intelligence. After graduating and receiving a degree in Agriculture Engineering, I proved to myself that I am capable of anything since this is a man’s career. Meeting my late best friend Esther Nakajjigo inspired me to be a voice for women and girls in Haiti. After her passing, to honor her, I started working with the non-profit she used to work with, in Uganda, but our lives were in danger and had to stop. Coming back from this traumatic experience, we have decided to open a new non-profit and continue our mission in Haiti to impact women’s and girls’ lives but focus on financial independence and being career-driven.

Elizabeth: I grew up in a very humble background in a small village in central Kenya. As a young girl, I experienced all types of violence, not just at a personal level but from my whole neighborhood. It seemed like a norm, as there was no single night I did not hear a woman scream from their husband’s beatings. To my surprise, everyone thought, “It´s okay; it´s just a man instilling discipline in their home.” That broke my heart and stuck with me to date. This is a behavior that should not be tolerated anywhere in the world, and no one deserves violence. I knew I had to be part of the solution from a very young age. One evening, I was catching up with my friend telling her how I was helping with teenage pregnancy with another organization; she invited me to join an organization in Uganda. We tried to help as much as possible, but our lives were in danger, and we had to change the focus of our mission. That’s when we decided to create an organization called Womenful Voice, focusing on Haiti; I am excited and delighted about the change we are about to make in the world.

Alejandra: Since I was little, I dreamt of being a mathematics teacher to help people take control of their lives, organize their finances, and solve problems. In high school, I decided to be a business manager to create my own educational institution focused on how to create an equal and human world. Through volunteering and working with vulnerable children, single mothers, and women who were victims of violence, I decided to be a feminist. These experiences and traveling have helped me be aware that male chauvinism is present in every country, even in the most common things: music, dance, clothing, and movies. Through a mutual friend, I met Senska, where we bonded over the situation of women in the world, and she invited me on board to co-found. I decided to join Womenful Voice to highlight the power of education from an early age to empower women, give them the ability to recognize when they are violated or belittled, and give them tools to transform their reality, their immediate environment, and the next generations.

We are excited to update you on how the last three months for Womenful Voice: Our first fundraising event was successful; we got approved by the IRS to be a 501c3 organization, launched our art shop, and announced our upcoming projects.

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