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Menstruation is Power!

Womenful Voice was proud to have presented its Menstruation is Power program. The month-long annual program took place in Haiti, all throughout the month of August. Through key partnerships with Lena Cup and My African Womanhood, the program aimed to empower and educate women about the menstrual cycle and its importance in the life of a female.

The program focused on wellbeing, self-care, and menstrual health through a sustainable period option. The events kicked off with a series of educational webinars, workshops, and social media posts, for women between the ages of 15-35, in three Haitian communities, that empowered women to take ownership of their own bodies. As such, the program had both short-term and long-term goals. The program set out to teach participants about a sustainable period option and how it could help them:

  • Stay in school

  • End period poverty

  • Dream bigger

  • Break stereotypes surrounding menstruation

Through a sustainable menstruation option and an abundance of educational resources made possible by Lena Cup and My African Womanhood, Womenful Voice was able to positively impact women from various Haitian communities, specifically at Haut MariBaroux, Savanne-au-Lait, and Acul-des-Pins.

This program provided participants with a Lena Cup menstrual cup, a sustainable and reusable solution to menstruation. Lena Cup generously donated 300 menstrual cups for this year’s program.

Feminine hygiene practices related to menstruation in Haiti, as in other developing countries, can sometimes carry social norms and beliefs about gynecological health, cleanliness, and female sexual desirability that can negatively affects womens’ health and their wellbeing and even lead to infections and disease. When you combine this with Haiti’s public health needs following recent crises, all of these critical needs call for greater international response. Womenful Voice is answering that call and joining the fight to support the Haitian community and in particular, educating and empowering women.

The overall reach of this organization extends beyond Haitian communities. The Womenful Voice team is composed of a diverse group of volunteers from around the globe who wish to make an active change within the Haitian community. Womenful Voice aims to create a space where diversity of thought and culture is encouraged and utilized towards outreach programs.

Won’t you join us, we invite you to donate, share, and get involved. For information on how you can help, please contact us at

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