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Through community-based, bottom-up initiatives and collective action, Womenful Voice is working to bring about lasting change to women and girls in Haiti. Our programs aim to inspire and make a real difference in the lives of those we try to help by addressing local needs, building community engagement, empowering this marginalized group, and fostering a culture of civic responsibility.

Why we align ourselves with the SDGs

By aligning our programs to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Womenful Voice is helping women and girls in Haiti. Since our inception, we have launched several programs that provide women and girls in Haiti with the knowledge, tools, and resources to advocate for their own needs and following the SDGs goal blueprint we are supporting sustainable development and helping the world achieve the Global Goals.


The benefits of aligning our programs with the SDGs

The SDGs are designed to prioritize the most vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women and children, living in poverty. Aligning our programs to these goals ensures that the needs of these groups are being addressed, and resources and being allocated to support them.

Increases accountability:


The SDGs provide a framework for measuring progress towards specific targets. Aligning our programs to the SDGs provides a clear set of indicators for monitoring and evaluating progress, which increases accountability and transparency in programs.

Promote inclusion:


The SDGs emphasize the importance of inclusive and equitable development. Aligning our programs to these goals encourages us as an organization to consider the needs of the groups we are trying to help and ensure they are not left behind.

Mobilizes resources:


The SDGs have been widely adopted by governments, organizations, and businesses around the world. Aligning our programs to these goals can attract additional funding and resources to support programs that benefit women and girls in Haiti.

Facilitates collaboration:


Aligning our programs to the SDGs promotes collaboration with other institutions and organizations that has helped us leverage expertise, resources, and networks to support women and girls in Haiti.

Additional Programs

Womenful Voice is proud to announce that we are working on a number of additional programs to help women and girls in Haiti. Please check back for more information and sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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