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Our Projects

Womenful Voice is a girls and women empowerment initiative in Haiti dedicated to providing access to resources to girls and women, with projects such as scholarships, a Christmas event, a mentorship program, a reforestation program, and "Menstruation is Power". We believe that empowering girls and women is the key to creating a stronger Haiti. Learn more about our projects today.



At Womenful Voice, we believe in empowering young girls and women in Haiti through education. That's why we're proud to offer scholarships for 10 students in need. These scholarships are available for both boys and girls, and cover a range of categories to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

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The Womenful Voice Christmas Event

Celebrating Christmas can be a way to bring people together and strengthen ties within the community through shared traditions, community events, and simply enjoying the festive atmosphere of the season. Womenful Voice hosts a yearly Christmas Event to give women and children in Haiti the opportunity to connect with one another and feel a sense of shared community.


Menstruation is Power

The Menstruation is Power program is an annual month-long program designed to educate women and girls about menstruation, health, and bodily autonomy. With sustainable menstrual products, a better understanding of their bodies, and the dispelling of myths about menstruation, we help women and girls to take ownership of their bodies, change the narrative, end period poverty, and make their own choices regarding their health, education, and futures.


Mentorship Program

A woman with a career can break the cycle of poverty. Womenful Voice invites professional women to tap into their existing knowledge, skills, and experience to empower a Haitian girl to improve her quality of life by helping her prepare for her future career. The Womenful Voice Mentorship Program provides a structured approach for young girls who will benefit from knowledge, confidence, and support that a mentor can provide in order to succeed in their career. During the virtual 8-week program, mentors work with a student and teach them how to turn what she loves into what she can do for a living.


The Womenful Voice Reforestation Program

Over the last few years, the women of Haiti have experienced extreme hardship due to climate related catastrophes, political instability, and gang violence. As a result, they are experiencing severe food insecurity with expected long-term famine at their doorstep. With port closures, food is not being imported and the country is expected to face severe food insecurity since more than half of the food consumed in Haiti is imported.

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