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Menstruation is power

“When she bleeds the smells I know change colour. There is iron in her soul on those days. She smells like a gun.” ― Jeanette Winterson

'Menstruation is power' is what every woman believes and desires to make believe in Womenful Voice. This is the second year that Womenful Voice proudly concluded this project across five schools in Haiti. By giving women and girls viable menstruation products, a better understanding of their bodies, and debunking menstrual myths, this aimed to empower them to take control of their bodies, alter their perspective, end lack of access to sanitary products, and make their own decisions about their educational opportunities, well-being, and futures.

The total amount of blood lost during one period is normally around 60 millilitres (around 2.7 ounces), though it may feel much higher at times. This is roughly comparable to 1.5 shot glasses. When a woman undergoes menstruation, she faces several challenges to deal with these intricacies. So do I. As a woman, I comprehend it better than anyone, what it's like to feel discomfort in my body. As an educated woman, it's my duty to guide those who are unaware of menstruation knowledge.

When you practice cycle awareness, adhere to the energy and emotional monthly pattern, recognise the natural highs and lows, and the times of extroversion and introversion, you are living sustainably. Your nervous system will be at ease, you'll experience an increase in inner tenderness toward yourself, be more aware of your needs, and be able to regularly enforce your limitations. This mindfulness technique has more strength than any imposed external one. Menstruation is a time of purification, a period of emotional and physical detoxification that enables you to properly relax and repair your body by letting go of stress and anxiety.

The planning for this project began in January and May was selected as the launch month deeming that it is the month when the subject receives worldwide attention. Menstrual Health Awareness Day is observed on May 28.

This year we decided to include both the reusable pads and cups deeming that some women faced discomfort using the cups, and we aim to serve our women with outright contentment. Additionally, we decided to dedicate more effort into training volunteers to hold several seminars at schools rather than presenting one event at one site and attempting to perform the event remotely with the locals as we did last year.

6 out of 13 young Ouanaminthe recruits were selected for the training. These women received rigorous instruction over the course of five days. The workshops provided a chance for trainers to experience facilitating conversations and activities relating to menstruation health in order to improve their facilitation skills. The participants gained knowledge on how to build menstrual cups, how to use and care for them, and how having them in the community helps girls.

Ultimately, by retaining the menstruation is power event in Haiti, we managed to educate 129 students, 34 teachers and 6 trainers on menstrual cycle wellness at 5 schools over the course of one week. We were also able to give 119 reusable menstruation cups and teach people on how to properly maintain and use them.

At Womenful Voice, we believe in easing our women in every way possible. Education is primary in helping these women comprehend the complexities that come with their beautiful bodies. Our aim is to be better and stronger for our women. As Michelle Obama stated "There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish."

It's not about how much we give, but rather how much love we put into giving. Your support and assistance matters to us and all the women out there. Your contribution would help make a difference. Kindly reach out to us at to learn more or make a valuable donation now.

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