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Hey, feeling the Christmas vibes here in the U.S., you know? Streets all lit up, people laughing—it's a whole thing. But let's take a sec and think about Haiti. Their Christmas is different, not all flashy, but these folks are tough.

Last year, I talked to this street vendor, and she said, even with the money stuff up in the air, the city didn't chill. Everyone partied hard as the year ended.

Now, in 2023, things are a bit different. It's not about big celebrations; it's more about having enough to eat. Money troubles are putting a damper on the usual hype. Even Independence Day, where they share this soup joumou that stands for freedom, might not happen like it used to.

But check it, there's hope in Womenful Voice. These folks are all about supporting women and making Christmas a break from the everyday struggles. What's cool about Womenful Voice is they're getting ahead of things. They know there might not be enough soup joumou for Independence Day, so they're planning to dish it out at the canal, keeping the party alive even when times are rough.

This Christmas bash has become a neighborhood thing, showing how strong these people are and how Womenful Voice has their back, especially when the government's quiet.

As we wrap up the year, big shoutout to our Womenful Voice team. They're doing their thing with whatever they got, bringing joy and hope. This holiday season, let's not just enjoy the festivities but send good vibes to the awesome Womenful Voice volunteers from all over.

And hey, think about tossing in some support for Womenful Voice. Every little bit helps them do even more each year. Let's spread good vibes this holiday, making a world where joy and support don't know any borders.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Elizabeth Nderitu

Co-Founder of Womenful Voice

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